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*Three Month Subscription* Seasonal surprise box

*Three Month Subscription* Seasonal surprise box

$ 24.00

Each month you will receive a small assortment of items with a seasonal theme to them.  Theme will be reflected in a variety of ways be it color, weather related, nature themed or otherwise. Examples are shown in the photos, but expect your collection to be unique.

This is a three month subscription, it will automatically non renew after your third charge. 

Expect 2-3 pair per box, they will include a variety of metals and not necessarily sterling silver or gold filled.  If you are sensitive to metals, please leave a note at checkout and I will adjust ear hooks and necklace chains as necessary.


Subscription transactions and shipping:

Subscriptions are charged the first week of each month.  Merchandise is crafted and prepared to ship mid month.  This subscription ends after three shipments.

Subscriptions offer free US shipping.
Creating an account (an option at checkout) will allow you to see your transaction history and other details, I highly recommend it if you have purchased a subscription.

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